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About Sylvania Document Search WebCenter
This site is intended to provide public access to City documents including Codified Ordinances, Police Traffic Crash Reports, Annual Reports, etc.

Document Keyword Searches
Document keyword searches allow you to search the content or keywords contained within a document. Some documents such as Annual Reports may contan a number of subjects or topics. With keyword searches you don't need to know the exact details of a document, you simply enter a keyword to locate it.

The following sample shows a search performed against "Codified Ordinances" documents for the keywords "dog" and "leash". You can search for either or both of these words as well as an exact phrase.

Document Type Searches
A document type search allows you to locate documents according to specific document values that are typically keyed in. For example, a Crash Report may have important index values such as Report Number, Date, Last Name of those involved in the crash or Crash Location street name. To search by document type, select the type of document you want search by, enter a value in the appropriate index field and click search. Although you may enter information in more than one search field, only one is needed.

The following sample shows a search performed against "Police Traffic Crash Reports" documents for the document date 11/01/2008.